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Welcome to Motoweb, the home of comfort health and rehabilitation products such as SeatSaint and Grip-Up. Wherever you require better seating comfort- we have the solution! Please click on your selected products for more information. Thanks for visiting!

gel seat for car seats


Those of us who suffer from aching discomfort in our hips and or back and bony posteriors will find ourselves writhing in pain on longer journeys. The pain is caused by pressure points formed between the hip bones and the seat. The pressure points restrict blood movement, which causes the buildup of lactic acid in the tissues. The pain also becomes a real safety issue since it distracts us from what we should be concentrating on - TRAVELLING SAFELY.

Universal size to fit all types of cars.



NEW: SeatSaint's latest weapon
in fight against numb bum


SeatSaint is adding a new weapon to their arsenal in the fight against numb bum, with the Extended Seat-pictured below on the latest KLR650. It provides a longer seating position for the rider and features the same properties and qualities as our existing range with the quick fit, easy release system and adjustable Velcro straps. The Extended Seat suites bikes such as the XR650, KLR650 and KTM690, as well as some Scooters.

Dimensions: L42cm x Width 21cm tapering to Width 17cm at front.





SeatSaint features an elasticated and adjustable velcro fastening system, as well as sewn in tabs to affix the cushion more permanently to the saddle with shoe string if you choose to.

Available in Small, Medium, Large and X-Large




Grip-Up Super Feel Grips provide additional comfort, compatible with heated grips and are hand finished to provide enhanced grip. There is no need to remove your standard grip as it simply slips over existing grips. Grip-Up reduces fatigue, vibration and the tingles. The UV and Ozone resistant grips are suitable for Touring, Scooters and Cruiser bikes.

Now in Stock! GRIP-UP Super Feel Grip Covers
Fits 1.25" -1.45" OD. Length 5" Touring, Sports and Scooters
Fits 1.45" -1.65" OD. Length 5" Harley and Cruisers




The patented SeatSaint adjustable gel seat cushion for Spinning and Mountain bikes!

  • Hygienic and Comfortable fitness aide.
  • Quick Fit, Easy Release with draw string tensioner!
  • Fits in your gym bag.

Special offers avilable on SeatSaint Mountain and Spinning Bike seats while stocks last





Our best selling mountain bike grip. A very rugged yet comfortable grip that is the choice of daily commuters and off road enthusiasts. One customer wrote: “Best grips on the planet! I've tried all types of grips and these are the best. Why? Their porous structure allows them to soak up road vibrations, they deform enough to form a custom impression that conforms exactly to your hand structure but are rigid enough to insure a firm grip.”

Special offers on Grab On Grips - While stocks last




Ergonomically designed with a hexagonal shape for superior fit to the hand. A very tough grip made of high density EPDM for long life and positive control.

Special offers on Grab On Grips - While stocks last



tribo seat products

Triboseat Universal Fit Seat Cover stops you and your passenger from sliding.

What Triboseat will do for you:

  • Stops your passenger from sliding around.
  • Stops movement under braking and acceleration.
  • Easy to fit and no modifications needed.




Motion activated trail cameras automatically detect and photograph (or video) anything or anyone that intrudes the passive infrared (PIR) sensor coverage area.



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